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When you’re looking for orthodontic treatments that offer brilliant, effective teeth straightening, choosing the right option for you isn’t just about which can get you straighter teeth.

Different types of braces offer a range of features and benefits, so you’ll want a treatment that suits your individual needs and your lifestyle.

Our Specialist Orthodontists will develop a bespoke treatment plan personalised to your needs. But before you go on your smile journey, we’ve jargon-busted some of the key features and benefits of the different teeth straightening options available at Portman Smile Clinic:

Get to know our teeth straightening treatments

With Portman Smile Clinic, your teeth straightening journey needn’t be a headache. Whatever your needs and lifestyle, our Specialist Orthodontists can help you find the treatment option that’s perfect for you. Maximum choice, minimal fuss.

Discover the right treatment for you and your needs; book a free consultation with your local Portman Smile Clinic.