Lingual braces

Precise and completely invisible. If you don’t want your braces to show at all, we can offer you hidden braces behind your teeth with lingual braces.

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Undercover braces – meet the ninjas of orthodontics

If you choose lingual braces - often referred to as hidden braces – you will receive all the precision benefits that come with traditional fixed braces, but the only person who will know they’re there is you. Our specialists are able to do this by affixing the braces behind your teeth as opposed to on the front, so nobody will be able to tell you’re even wearing braces.

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How lingual braces work

Lingual braces at a glance

How it works

Just like traditional fixed braces, lingual braces gently move your teeth using metal brackets and wires.

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How long it takes

If you have minor crowding or spacing, your transformation could be completed in less than six months with lingual braces. More complex problems involving your bite could take one to two years to perfect.

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How much it costs

Treatment starts from £3,395. To receive a personalised quote for lingual braces, find your nearest Portman Smile Clinic to request a chat with our treatment coordinators.

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Key features

Precise and completely invisible.

PSC Completely hidden
Completely hidden

Due to where the lingual braces are affixed, nobody will be able to tell that you’re even wearing braces, meaning you can always smile with confidence.

PSC Highly Reliable
Highly reliable

Because of the technical similarities to fixed braces, lingual braces come with a very high success rate, ensuring that your results will last the test of time.

PSC Precision

Our specialist orthodontists have the skills to make very precise changes to ensure you have long lasting results for years to come with lingual braces.

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