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Boost your dental health with NHS-funded treatment, learn more about our NHS orthodontics below.

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Understanding whether you’re eligible for NHS orthodontic treatment

Your dentist will begin with the referral process and once you have reached our practice, our specialists will assess your teeth to discover if you are eligible for NHS orthodontic braces. When we assess you, our specialists will be basing your outcome on your IOTN score, which is your Index of Orthodontic Treatment Need, and you will be given a score from 1-5 – further information on these scores can be found below. Once we have determined whether you are eligible, we can then begin to plan your treatment.

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Not eligible for NHS orthodontic treatment?

If, following your assessment, you aren’t eligible for NHS orthodontic treatment, there are still ways to access Portman Smile Clinic treatments.

Portman Straightforward will provide the same NHS treatment especially for those who are under 18 but do not qualify for NHS treatment, all at an affordable price. If you are interested in either Portman Straightforward or want to view our other available treatments, look at your pricing and finance options.

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NHS treatments at a glance


Your first step is to speak to your dentist. They will organise the referral, look at your teeth closely and they may take pictures and measurements.

IOTN grade

Our specialists will assess your smile and assign you an IOTN grade. If you score a 1 or 2 then your teeth are looking well and you won’t need treatment on the NHS. A grade 3 means you may be eligible. If you score a 4 or 5, you can receive free treatment for NHS orthodontics.


If you're eligible, you will join an NHS waiting list. This is common for NHS treatments. Don’t worry if you don’t make the grade for NHS orthodontic treatment. Our specialist orthodontists can talk to you about private care options.

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