Fixed braces

Fixed braces have stood the test of time. We love the precision, you'll love the results.

What's this good for?

Fantastic results for a great price. Fixed braces are versatile and can tame even the most rebellious teeth.


It’s a classic

Fixed braces were the first type of orthodontic treatment, and are relied upon for dramatic change.


Express yourself

Say it with colour. Now your braces can match your outfit. Ask your Smile Clinic specialist about coloured bands for your braces.

How fixed braces work

Fixed braces at a glance

How it works

Your braces will be fixed to your teeth throughout your treatment. Using metal brackets and wires, we precisely position every tooth.

How long it takes

The length of your treatment will depend on how complex your case is. Aligning your front teeth could take just months from start to finish.

How much it costs

Treatment starts from £2,995. To receive a personalised quote, find your nearest Portman Smile Clinic to organise a free consultation with one of our specialists.


Your guide to fixed braces

Even Egyptian mummies have been found wearing fixed braces.



Pockets come in different sizes. Browse your options and see guide prices.

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