Teeth whitening

Brighten your smile with professional teeth whitening

What's this good for?

The glow. White, bright teeth look healthy and give you the confidence to smile wide and bright.


Fabulous finish

To complete your smile makeover, we can provide teeth whitening treatments for a wow-worthy transformation.


Is it safe?

Put your smile in the hands of those who understand teeth. Our specialist orthodontists are highly trained and will whiten your teeth while caring for them.

Teeth whitening in specialist hands

Teeth whitening at a glance

How it works

Whitening trays and teeth whitening gel is the most common method of whitening teeth. You’ll have the option to take a kit home or have in-clinic treatment.

How long it takes

The stages of whitening treatments take minutes, while whitening treatments come as courses over a few weeks to give you the best results.

How much it costs

Speak to your orthodontic specialist about whitening your teeth at the end of your treatment.


A complete guide to teeth whitening

The finishing touch to your new smile. Smile bright.



Pockets come in different sizes. Browse your options and see guide prices.

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