Clear braces

A clear solution with all the benefits of having fixed braces. Are you looking for a more subtle fixed brace solution?

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Clear braces allow you to enjoy a more subtle teeth straightening journey

Clear braces differ from traditional metal fixed braces by replacing the visible bracket with a clear ceramic alternative, meaning that they will be less visible, with all the precision of a traditional fixed metal brace. Our specialist orthodontists have been fitting clear brace solutions for years, they come with the accessibility and precision that you would receive with a traditional fixed brace, with a subtle exterior.

Thanks to our simple pricing and finance options, your subtle solution could be closer than you think.

How clear braces work

Clear braces at a glance

How it works

Your clear braces will be fixed to your teeth and hard at work 24/7. Clear brackets and metal wires gradually align your teeth to reveal your beautiful new smile.

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How long it takes

Your treatment could be finished in just months if we’re tackling straightforward crowding. However long your journey takes, we guarantee the results are worth the wait.

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How much it costs

Clear braces start from £3,395, which includes all your appointments and aftercare, including fixed and/or removable retainers. Chat to us about your smile and get your personalised quote.

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Key features

A clear solution with all the benefits of having fixed braces.

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Barely visible

Due to the materials used for the brackets, hardly anyone will notice that you’re even wearing braces, meaning you can always smile with confidence.

PSC Precision

As Portman Smile Clinic is home to specialist orthodontists, we can make very precise changes to ensure you have long lasting results for years to come.

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Highly reliable

Because of the technical similarities to fixed braces, clear braces come with a very high success rate, ensuring that your results will last the test of time.

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