Clear braces

Braces without metal brackets. If you want your straightening in disguise, look no further.

What's this good for?

Subtle teeth straightening. Clear braces bring you all the benefits of fixed braces in a discreet package.


Clear ceramics

Braces you’ll hardly notice. Clear ceramic brackets instead of metal.

How clear braces work

Clear braces at a glance

How it works

Your braces will be fixed to your teeth and hard at work 24/7. Clear brackets and metal wires gradually align your teeth to reveal your sparkling new smile.

How long it takes

Your treatment could be finished in just months if we’re tackling straightforward crowding. However long your journey takes, we guarantee the results are worth the wait.

How much it costs

Clear braces cost from £3,320; which includes all your appointments and aftercare, including fixed and/or removable retainers. Speak to us about your free consultation and get your personalised quote.


Perfectly clear

Be clear on your options. Here's the low-down on this subtle, effective and affordable smile solution.



Pockets come in different sizes. Browse your options and see guide prices.

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