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What's this good for?

The most important stage of your straightening journey. Retainers stop your teeth from moving back.


Last but not least

It’s the final stage of your smile journey. We fit you for retainers, so they are ready as soon as your treatment ends.



If your treatment is funded by the NHS, you get supervised retention for 12 months. If you have private treatment, we’ll give you one to two years of complete follow-up care.

Retainers and aftercare

Pyjamas for your teeth

How it works

Removable or fixed retainers are made to measure. They hug your teeth close to stop them from moving. Eventually you’ll only need to wear them at night. Think of them as pyjamas for your teeth.

How long it takes

Retainers keep your smile straight. Wear them every night to prevent movement. Simply pop them in after you’ve brushed your teeth and before you go to bed.

How much it costs

Often retainers are included in your treatment plan. Your orthodontist will discuss retention with you from the start.


A complete guide to retention and aftercare

It starts with straightening, and retainers are for the road. We’re behind you all the way with ongoing care and retention.



Pockets come in different sizes. Browse your options and see guide prices.

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