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How do I straighten my teeth?

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Teeth straightening is a dental speciality known as orthodontics. Using fixed or removable braces, we can expertly align your teeth to reveal your show-stopping smile.

Orthodontists have been straightening teeth for decades, but a lot has changed in that time. Traditional fixed braces will always be a great way to straighten teeth, but now you can choose from several discreet alternatives.

(We can even hide your braces behind your teeth.)

What are the benefits of braces?

  • Dental braces can dramatically improve the appearance of your smile and potentially provide a life-changing confidence boost.
  • Orthodontic treatment makes the most of your natural teeth, so it’s less invasive than cosmetic treatments like veneers.
  • Braces can also improve the way your teeth function and bite together – they can even help some speech problems.
  • Straighter teeth provide food and plaque with fewer places to hide, making it easier for you to keep your smile clean and healthy.
  • If you follow your orthodontist’s aftercare advice and wear your retainers, your results can last a lifetime.

Is orthodontic treatment right for me?

Whatever your age, we have a brace for you. If you’re under 18 and need braces to improve your dental health, you may be eligible for NHS orthodontic treatment. For everyone else, we have a wide choice of private treatment options.

Braces can treat a whole host of concerns (or malocclusions as we like to call them). Whether you have mild crowding or a complex bite problem, we can help you to achieve your perfect smile.

You may be considering orthodontic treatment if you are worried your teeth are:

  • Crooked or crowded
  • Widely spaced
  • Protruding or rotated
  • Missing or concealed in your gum
  • Not biting together comfortably

Your teeth and gums need to be healthy before you can start treatment. If you have implants, crowns, bridges, or veneers you can still wear braces. We can usually work around them, communicating closely with your dentist as needed.

If you’re unsure if braces are right for you, visit our friendly team for a consultation. We’ll answer all your questions and provide you with expert, tailored advice.

What types of braces do you offer?

We are the leading experts in orthodontics, so we have the full range of fixed and removable options. Our experts will help you find the treatment that suits you.

NHS braces

Tried and tested removable appliances and traditional fixed braces in a choice of coloured bands for your braces.

Learn more about NHS braces.


A popular alternative to fixed braces, Invisalign gently moves your teeth using a series of clear, removable aligners.

Learn more about Invisalign.

Clear braces

Clear, ceramic brackets provide a discreet alternative to metal counterparts – with all the benefits of fixed braces.

Learn more about clear braces.

Lingual braces

The most discreet of all our braces, it’s hidden behind your teeth so it’s almost impossible to spot.

Learn more about lingual braces.

Cosmetic braces

These inconspicuous braces are specially designed to transform your front teeth in less than 12 months.

Learn more about cosmetic braces.

Removable aligners

Just like Invisalign, removable aligners allow you to enjoy all your favourite foods and brush your teeth with ease.

To find out more about your teeth straightening options, contact your local Portman Smile Clinic to arrange a free consultation with a specialist orthodontist.

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