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Straightening Hygiene and invisalign

Healthy smile, healthy body

Teeth straightening isn't just a cosmetic treatment, your oral and overall health can benefit too. Find out the ways in which teeth straightening impacts on your health and well-being.

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Straightening Lingual close up

The ninjas of orthodontics

Lingual braces were first introduced in the 1970s. They are still the most discreet way to straighten teeth, and they just keep getting better.

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Straightening Discover fixed braces

Understanding fixed braces

Traditional fixed braces have experience on their side. They’ve been tried and trusted by orthodontists for decades. (Egyptian mummies have even been found wearing something akin to fixed braces.)

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Straightening Discover-01

Clarity on clear braces

Clear braces enjoy all the benefits of fixed braces – without metal brackets. Instead, they feature clear, ceramic brackets, which blend in seamlessly with your smile.

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Straightening Teen fixed braces with phone

How do I straighten my teeth?

Straightening treatments can transform your teeth and supercharge your confidence.

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Straightening Boy-with-braces-Discover

How to get NHS orthodontic treatment

If you’re under 18 and need braces to improve your dental health, you may be eligible for NHS orthodontic treatment.

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Straightening Discover invisalign

Your step-by-step guide to Invisalign

It’s not hard to see why Invisalign is so popular (six million smiles and counting). It’s discreet, removable – and gets great results.

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